Day 1 Thoughts

You can tell I'm off for the summer because I can't think of any clever titles any more.  Anyway, to it.

-Look, I'm not Canadian.  I'm not other bloggers.  I don't spend my time watching junior, college, or high school hockey.  I don't read any draft prospectuses (prospecti?).  So past Taylor Hall (who is an unfortunate looking human being) and Tyler Seguin who I saw in the World Juniors, I can tell you exactly fuck and all about any of these guys.  And I prefer it that way.  Usually, past the top five it'll be a year or two at least before you see any of them.  As for the Hawks pick of Kevin Hayes, it just looks like this was their guy.  Though projected for the second round, Stan must've thought he wouldn't be around when the Hawks picked in that turn, so they grabbed him when they could.  He already knew he was punting #30.  So if this is Stan's guy, we'll see how Stan's eye is  Wow, that was lyrical

-Stan's contention that the Hawks don't need to make any more trades is posturing at his best.  He must assume we all can't count or add, although to be fair to him that's a pretty fair assumption.  Right now, the Hawks have 13 players under contract with 6 mill of cap room, and that includes Huet.  If we subtract him, that's 12 players with almost 12 million in space, leaving the Hawks to complete a roster (12-14 more players) at less than $1 million per.  Uh, no.  In fact, I'm sure Bowman was trying to package some of his picks and Versteeg to move up, but just couldn't pull it off.

-McClure's been beating the Patrice Bergeron drum, which would be pretty awesome. I've been wondering about Marc Savard, who would turn either Sharp or Hossa into a 40-goal guy again, depending on who he played with. But I don't think their money works, and I'm not sure the B's won't just go ahead and move either Seguin or Bergeron to a wing for the season, which both can do.

-With all these picks and some moveable parts, could a run at one Jarome Iginla be out of the question? Be still my heart. Actually, be very still,, this is a pipe dream. But it's fun to live in for a couple seconds, no?