Daytime hockey right after celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is extremely good

I don’t know who planned this but I’m happy.

One of the little things that football fans should never take for granted is how nice watching day games is. Following the Blackhawks means filling up roughly 80 nights a year with hockey-watching good times, and while that’s just how it’s always been, days like Sunday are a reminder of how nice it is to watch sports during the day and free up the rest of your night.

Especially when the day before was the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Chicago, and that means roughly 58 percent of the city is mildly to significantly hungover right now.  Sounds like a perfect time to wake up and have some hockey with your coffee.

I totally understand why the NHL can’t use day games more often. There’s no point in competing with college football and the NFL from the start of the season through the end of January, and that scratches off weekend day games for the majority of the season.

You’re not going to host games during the day on weekdays, and that only leaves a few months a year when daytime games can be scheduled. There are clear logistical hurdles that make it unfeasible for the Blackhawks to have more than a few day games each season.

But when they come, like on a chilly Sunday morning when I’d otherwise be watching Saturday Night Live on DVR, it’s a pretty dang great thing. We’ll be all wrapped up for Blackhawks-Wild on Sunday by 2-2:30 p.m. Imagine all the other great things you’ll be able to do with your day!

Daytime hockey: still extremely good.