Denis Savard hosts Blackhawks Bucks, the best gameshow

Answer Hawks trivia and win money for it? How do we get picked up?

Who knew Denis Savard hosted Cash Cab?

Well, not quite. Pretty close, though - apparently instead he hosts Blackhawks Bucks, which, if you think about it, is probably a superior version, what with all the Blackhawks-specific trivia and all. Not to mention the fact that it’s Denis Savard asking you the questions.

Plus, he’s just plain good at the job:

By the looks of things, he picked up a great fan as a passenger, too. Sure, the first couple of questions are definitely gimmes, but it’d be easy to see some starting to get stumped the further it goes on - especially if they aren’t quite as familiar with the history of the team (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course; we all start somewhere).

What a final question to cap it all off, too. May not be Blackhawks-related - but playing trivia with Savard is no doubt awesome, no matter the subject matter. Who ever thought you’d be talking about Leonardo DiCaprio with Savard?

Fingers crossed that Savard may one day be your driver! There’s money to be made.