Dennis Rasmussen is back in Chicago - and showing off its beauty

Chicago's gorgeous, isn't it?

It’s that time of year again. The World Cup of Hockey has shifted the September schedule somewhat, but even then, things are still proceeding mostly as normal.

Players are returning to their NHL cities. Teammates are joining one another for informal skates as they get ready to ramp themselves up and, sooner rather than later, launch themselves into the preseason.

We’re still making our way towards the latter part of that. The former, though? It’s happening. Case in point: Dennis Rasmussen is back in Chicago, and he’s giving us a clear picture as to just why anyone would miss being away.

Wow Chicago. It's good to be back

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That’s an absolutely gorgeous shot. Rasmussen played 44 games for the Blackhawks this past season, including his NHL debut, so no doubt he’d be excited to return. But Chicago isn’t just where he’s looking to work throughout the entire season: it’s where he’s looking to live, too.

And who wouldn’t want to be here?