Door's Even More Ajar

Franzen's out four months

I'd like to gleefully enjoy this, I know you're not supposed to do this for injuries, but Franzen's an unqualified asshole. But he's a stupidly talented asshole. This is a loss. I know all Scum fans are going to ask me what was the score last night and all that, but there's something off about the Wings. Jason Williams and Todd Bertuzzi were on the second line. There were giveaways galore. They've just signed BRAD MAY FOR FUCK'S SAKE. This injury leaves the door to the division crown wide open, and the Hawks need to take it.

McClure is already having nightmares about the Wings making a push for Kovalchuk, which is frightening.  But how many of their trumpeted young players would it take?  Kronwall?  Leino?  Helm?  All of them?  That would be an all-in, this year gamble, and not one the Wings are prone to take.

Immortality, it's there, it's yours, take it!

Quick note, my joke about the unemployment line last night was out of line and stupid.  If it were actually funny, I wouldn't apologize for it, but when we're crass, we make it worth it.  And that wasn't.  Apologies.