Douchebag of the Year

We're all about being assholes on this site - just read Sam's assesment of Phoenix fans in last night's game recap...

But even we have our limits - and this story in the Trib today clearly crosses the line.

Basics of the story.. A kid that's a big Wings fan (I blame the parents) gets to go to the Winter Classic and gets up close to the dugout when the Wings are leaving the ice to try to get a high five from some players.  Instead, freakin' Zetterberg gives the kid his stick.

As he's leaving, someone comes up to him, possibly pretending to be a security guard or maybe a real guard, and claims he can't have the stick in whatever area he's in but says he can pick it up later at customer relations.

The kid and his dad go to pick up the stick but it never got there.  Someone either pretended to be a security guard and stole it from the kid... or a security guard just swiped it himself.

Whoever is responsible deserves to get treated like a suspect in The Wire.

If one of our favorite players gave us a stick when we were kids we'd be ecstatic and then if some douche scammed it away from us we'd be devestated - so we're glad to hear that the Wings are doing something to get him a replacement.

And who am I kidding? If Keith or Toews gave me their stick today I'd probably make in my pants. Making it even more pathetic... I'm older than both of them.