Drunk Again, Not A Weekend - Hawks 4, Wild 1

I'm going to start off this wrap by apologizing on a lot of fronts. First off, there's no reason this wrap should be this late, but I was getting Vacation Drunk last night and I lost Rock-Paper-Scissors at the Whirlaway (that's still bullshit you didn't give me best of three, Sam). Secondly, I'm going to apologize for not having that great a vantage point for the entire game. I was in SRO, and people were moving back and forth, so I couldn't see a lot of what was going on. But, I'm here writing the wrap, and it was a game against the Wild, so how much do you really want?

The first period was mostly garbage but the Hawks got out of it tied off of two great looks on the same play, first Keith to Versteeg, and then Versteeg to Madden. The latter of which was so awesome he had time to biff the first shot and poke home his own rebound. In the second Sharp found Hossa in the slot for the first of his two. After that, whatever. Hossa finished with two, and Harvey announced again, Hawks win their 30th of the season. You deserve better.