Duncan Keith talks how he became one of the best players in the NHL

Everything has come together in Keith's life to reach this point, as he details in the THO Podcast.

Not too long ago, Jonathan Toews joined Aubrey Marcus on his podcast. Then, he talked a lot about how to be the best he can be, particularly when it comes to being a professional hockey player.

Well, now it's Duncan Keith's turn. Toews' conversation was probably a bit more in depth on life in general, but Keith went much more in depth on his own personal nature, and that of the Chicago Blackhawks as well: so this is a fantastic way to spend a half hour.

There is a little bit of NSFW language in the podcast - like, three swears - so just be aware of that.

The main talking points for Keith? How he got started when he was really young, with his dad almost "brainwashing" him into wanting to be an NHLer: and visualization. From visualizing playing in the NHL to now going through visualization sessions the night before every game, it's one of the non-traditional competitive advantages Keith has sought out and found works for him.

After all, as Keith details in the podcast, you don't make the NHL without working really hard and being really good - so finding every little extra edge he can get is key to him. And it's definitely helped him become one of the best players in the world.

Well, that and playing on such a good team, where everyone can come together to find success. It also helps that the Blackhawks trust their players to know what's best for them - so while some teams may exhibit tighter control over their players, the Hawks themselves have a bit more freedom with how they prepare, as long as they show up and do what they're supposed to do.

The entire podcast is a great look into just what makes Duncan Keith Duncan Keith, with small tidbits from his childhood, and his relationship with Toews. Definitely give it a listen!