Edzo says "won't someone please think of Keith!"

Here's the video from last night's line brawl:

Around the 1:26 mark in the video is Eddie-O call for Burish to break away from the linesman and help out Keith who was in danger of losing quite a bit of hair to Burrows' grasp.

It reminded me a lot of this "fight":

Clearly Olczyk doesn't think much of Keith's fighting abilities, huh?  And sure, Keith isn't going to win many fights but that's why he doesn't get in them.  I thought he did a pretty decent job getting tied up with Burrows' though despite the girly hair-pulling.

He got his ass handed to him by Svitov though.

Back to last night's fight though - I'm still not sure how the Hawks ended up with such a huge share of the penalties.  And I can't tell what Keith did at all to deserve his misconduct.  It's hard to tell when you only see what's being shown on TV though.

Here's a look at all the penalties of the third period:


Lets be clear about one thing - Buff was an idiot for starting this whole thing. No one is going to be surprised that Luongo stops him on an attempt.  But Luongo also really sold the penalty too.  Watch the hit from Buff and you see Luongo fly back into his net well after the initial contact.  A penalty sure and something that should have caused the Canucks to jump him immediately.

It's hard to tell what happens next but it clearly seems to stem from whatever Burish was doing.

All-in-all - it was an ugly game but one that might bring the Hawks closer.  If anything about half the team and a great chance to bond in the penalty box as they all sat in there together.  The poor guys on the bench were lonely.

This should hopefully lend more support to sitting Burish for tomorrow's game.  He stirred up a lot of shit but failed to do anything significant which led to people like Keith having to fight.  He's a liability to the Hawks at the moment when they need everyone performing at their peak.

It'll be interesting to see what lines Q rolls out for tomorrow's game.