Everything's My Fault

I'll happily take the blame for last night's loss.  Whenever I organize any sort of night out, something generally goes wrong.  Anyway, we three men of Blog-dom just wanted to thank everyone who came out to the Whirlaway last night.  Despite the result, both McClure and I had a blast, and we hope you did too.  As for Killion, well, "workin' in a coal mine..."  We'll do it again soon.  Maybe this time Kills will even show.  Anything could happen.

As for the game itself, there isn't much to say. I've seen it a few other places but this is just one of those losses that happen when you're on a long road trip. Yeah, it sucks that it happened to Vancouver, who I really have no use for, but that's what it is. I've seen a couple places that some are worried about the way Vancouver is able to impose their defensive game on us and keep our good chances to a minimum, and what that might mean in May. Well, not much. You'll recall last season the Canucks slapped us upside the head twice in the regular season, one there and one here. However, Vancouver's demise is that they can't stick to it for a full series, and they have some serious deficiencies between the ears. I haven't seen any evidence that's changed. When the chips are down, I fully expect Burrows and Kesler to go into hiding again.

Speaking of Kesler, we may have to do a talking doll cartoon for him.  How do you call a guy a coward after he just busted your face?  Is there a history with Ladd and the Canucks I'm unaware of?  I don't remember any cheap shots being exchanged.  Whatever, Kesler's a punk, and I'm going to laugh and laugh when he pulls his usual playoff El Foldo again.