Antoine Vermette and the Stanley Cup visit kids' hospital


We very often see players visiting a local charity or hospital with the Stanley Cup. Antoine Vermette, who recently became a dad for the second time, kicked off his Cup day yesterday with a visit to a children's hospital.

One last look at Antti Raanta in a Blackhawks jersey


Antti Raanta has had his day with the Cup, and now, that's officially it for his time as a Chicago Blackhawk (barring being able to join the team on a White House visit, I suppose, but that'll be mid-season, and kind of awkward).

It's not a bad way to go out. Sure, he was third string, but he did play 39 games for the Blackhawks over the past two seasons. This past season, he posted an all-important .936 SV% when with Chicago, helping the team to seven wins before turning the backup position over to local boy Scott Darling.

And so, this is it. Raanta is off to the Rangers now, but not without one final moment of glory with the Blackhawks. That signed jersey will, at the least, be an excellent souvenir for him.

Would you mind getting lost in this incredible Blackhawks corn maze?


Win the Cup, and lots of cool stuff happens. For one thing, you win the Cup, which is... kind of the whole point.

For another, fans will show their appreciation in tons of different ways. Such as by making a giant, 33 acre corn maze, for example.

Of course, the best way to appreciate this is from above, but if you got lost in it, at least you know you'd be lost somewhere inside the Blackhawks logo. Or the word "champions". Or inside a hockey player. Or...

Yeah, appreciating it from above is probably the way to go - but this is definitely really, really cool.

Teuvo Teravainen with Finnish legend Jari Kurri


Two Finns, two Stanley Cup champions. Back on Teuvo's day with the Cup, he understandably met a lot of people - also, dogs - but one of the coolest of all? Jari. Kurri.

Maybe some of Kurri's winning ways will rub off on Teravainen. After all, the Hawks have three Cups in six years, but Teuvo just has one - he needs to catch up!

In the meantime, how cool is it for a budding Finnish legend to meet one of the best?

Kimmo Timonen, golden on his day with the Stanley Cup


Seriously - he looks like a statue made out of gold. What an incredible picture for a pretty monumental day for him.

When you win a lot, you get a target on your back. There were a lot of hockey fans who didn't want to see the Blackhawks win again - and too bad for them - but there wasn't a soul out there who wasn't happy for Kimmo Timonen.

Kimmo is certainly making the most of his day with the Cup. Your own personal rally in your hometown, after years and years and years of fighting for this chance? Live it up, Kimmo: you're definitely golden today.

Pups in the Cup


There are no kids in the Teravainen family small enough to fit in the Stanley Cup - in fact it looks like Teuvo's brother Eero is taller than him already - so they put the furry babies in there instead. Just make sure it's well washed before Hossa eats his pierogies out of it!

It's the Patrick Kane golf cart, with special guest Denis Savard


That way, you'll always know it's his.

Today is the annual Denis Savard Charity Golf Tournament, and he has a special guest who can also pull off some pretty nice spin-o-ramas: Patrick Kane, who has his golf cart very, very clearly labeled.

Here's a recap from last year's outing (and the charities benefited!), when Jonathan Toews joined in. But did he have an #88 decal? No. No he did not.

Stanley Cup(cake)


I hope this cake tastes as good as it looks! Although it almost seems a shame to spoil it by cutting into it.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have a present for the Chicago Blackhawks


In addition to the general gift that is Mark Dano's existence, he also has a great name, and with it, a... great?... photoshop.

I don't think the Jackets are handling the loss of Dano too well at all, guys.

Jonathan Toews wins ESPY for Best NHL Player


Most awards shows are pretty silly, and the ESPYs certainly are no exception.

That said, it's always great when the guy you're rooting for wins something. Jonathan Toews has done a lot of winning over his career - and as recent as just this season, in fact - so why not win even more?

Congrats to Tazer, probably the best NHL Captain there is. Very well-earned.