GIF: Marko Dano, enthusiastically waving hi


Is Marko Dano not a ray of sunshine personified?

He's adorable, he's happy, he's enthusiastic, and he's pretty good at hockey to boot. It's pretty much impossible not to love him.

Thanks to habbygleek for the GIF!

Marko Dano's fashion sense is unparalleled


Of course, he'll look best in a Blackhawks jersey - but this is a good runner up.

This picture comes to us from Pluska, way back when the Blue Jackets first drafted Dano. He was resting back home for the summer, cooking stew and dressed appropriately.

He's beautiful.

Little Duncan Keith was a prophet


Of course, considering the insane amount of work he put into hockey growing up, you knew he was willing to put his money where his mouth is.

The "eight or nine"-year-old Duncan Keith who wrote that promise was determined. And as Sportsnet detailed - damn, did he succeed.

Jonathan Toews forgets how helmets and hats work


Jonathan Toews is great.

Thanks to so-hockey-eh for the GIF!

Check out this Blackhawks mosaic coffee table


Wow. Okay, who wouldn't want to own that?

/u/Dalaim0mma is amazing. And the best part? You may be able to get one made, just for you.

Dalaim0mma said it took about 25-30 hours over a week to make it, and the time and effort really shows. Seriously - this is incredible.

Bill Murray as Elvis shows Hawks Pride.


Was watching a music festival from 2010. Murray was the emcee and before introducing an act he comes out as Elvis and unfurls a Hawks Flag in honor of their 2010 Cup win! woo hoo!

Duncan Keith helps his two-year-old son lift the Stanley Cup


This is too cute.

He's only two, but Duncan Keith's son, Colton, already knows greatness. (It's just that 35 pounds is a liiiittle too much for him at this age.)

Maybe one day he'll get to lift it on his own!

Chocolate Blackhawks sculpture looks horrifying and delicious


I probably couldn't eat the entire 650-pound chocolate hockey man, but an arm? Sure why not. (via Eater)

There's one stat in particular the Blackhawks are dominating


Hard to win a series when you haven't led the game at any point.

Though I guess four straight come-from-behind overtime wins are possible.

Not very likely, though.

Remember Kane trying to pick Seabrook up in celebration?


When Brent Seabrook won it for the Hawks in triple OT, Patrick Kane tried to pick him up, much to the amusement of his teammates.

Chicago can take the series tonight. How do you think they'll celebrate that?