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Fantasy GM Chair

As most of you know, the triangle of stupid that is this blog doesn’t have much more to do these days and then sit around and discuss moves for the Hawks on the internet.  It’s our lives, and it’s stupid, but we like it, so shut up.  So here’s the one McClure and I have been kicking around today.

Today, the Sharks have announced that Patrick Marleau is no longer the Captain in the Bay. This doesn’t mean he’s available, but I have to believe they’ll at least listen. Everyone in San Jose is screaming for changes after consistent playoff blowouts. Now, it is my opinion to blame any of these collapses on Marleau would be stupidity only capable by the writers of this blog. The Sharks should be taking long looks at others (it rhymes with Joe Thornton) to apportion blame. Marleau, other than Pavelski, was the only forward who looked like he could give a shit the last two postseasons. Maybe he’s not a vocal leader, maybe he’s not built to be a captain, but he’s a wonderful player on both ends of the ice, and may flourish on a team where he isn’t one of the focal points.

So, what would it take?  Well, money-wise Versteeg and Buff match up perfectly.  However, Doug Wilson is about as far from a moron as you’ll find in an NHL GM.  Even tossing in whichever of Beach/Aliu you don’t think will be able to stay out of jail might not be enough, as well as one or two picks.  But it’s worth asking.  Marleau is a UFA after this season, whereas Buff and Steeg have years left, and you also free up cash next summer for what everyone thinks will be Hawks Apocalypse (as we’re going to refer to it from now on).  Here’s your top three if you somehow pull this off:




That team looks like a President’s Trophy winner, as it has four players capable of 40 goals in the top 6, as well as Bolland and Kane who will pass 20, and a third line that would be nails.

But let’s not fool ourselves, any deal for Marleau would probably have to include Sharp. And Sharp skating with Joe Thornton would result in 50 goals possibly, which would be hard to stomach. However, due to Sharp being locked up long-term, and Marleau’s impending UFA-status, I don’t think Bowman could be convinced to do any more than this deal straight up, except for what it takes to make the numbers work (i.e. Brent Sopel as Sharp’s carry-on bag). Top Three Lines would then look like this:




Still looks pretty good, just not as imposing as the other formation.  This is pretty pie in the sky, but I seriously hope Stan makes at least a call to Wilson, and kicks the tires a little.