Fantasy Hockey Updates

Hey All - Some quick changes to announce about the fantasy hockey leagues.  I've upped the max teams in the Yahoo League to 14 teams.  It looks like we had someone drop out so right now there are 3 open spots on that league.  These spots will go fast but keep in mind that the draft day, barring any radical complaints from people, is set for tomorrow night.  So here's the info on that league:

League ID#:  158522

League Name: SCFH

Password: punchthecabbie

Draft Time: Tuesday Sept 22, 8:15 Central

I still haven't ruled out making another league if there's strong enough demand for it.  I could also add some more spots to the ESPN league if people are interested in that.  Also, sorry for being quiet around here lately - I've started up some classes and also had a very drunken/hungover weekend that negated any plans I had for writing on here.  We'll kick it back up real soon.

UPDATE:  The ESPN league is now one team short and the draft is tonight - email me at if you want in.