Fear And Loathing In Music City: Second City Hockey's Savage Journey To The Heart Of The Blackhawks Dream


I think Killion is probably Hunter S. of the two.

Anyway, we've made some noise about this since the schedule came out, so most of you probably already know the plan. But for those who don't, two years ago we had an SCH trip down to St. Louis, and though we only recollect scant details everyone said we had an amazing time. And the Hawks won the Cup that year. We didn't do one last year, and look what happened. We figure we'd better try again.

This year, we're headed down to Tennessee. January 21st against the Predators. We'll release details on how to get the tickets we'll have set aside in a couple weeks, but we wanted to officially announce our SCH trip now. So mark your calendars, that's when we're going.

I know a lot of you have asked about Dec. 3rd in The Lou. We know a lot of you are already going. Basically, if we decide we're going (and it's more likely we will than we won't), we'll organize a pre- and postgame meetup for that night, we just won't all sit together. And of course, the postgame meetup will only take place after our West Side Story rumble against St. Louis Gametime in the garage next to the DrinkScotch Center, so come watch that. It'll be a lot more gay than the Jets and Sharks.

I know I'm immensely looking forward to it, I hope you are too.