Fear And Loathing In St. Louis: The Plan


Good god the week is here. I never thought this would happen, and yet we stand on the precipice. Anyway, here's the lowdown. I know most of you are scattered around hotels in the downtown St. Louis area, so we'll all meet up at Maggie O'Brien's on Market St. it's 2000 Market St. which puts it only a couple blocks from the DrinkScotch Center. We'll be there a little before 5. Look for me in my Bolland Winter Classic jersey, or the 6' 4" Matt McClure in his home Sharp jersey and obnoxious Timberlake hat, or Killion the irish looking motherfucker in a Chinese Toews jersey. Those that need to pick up tickets from me can do so there and then. Those who are going but aren't part of our group are more than welcome to join us there as well. Then everyone goes and buys a Gametime, because we support our fellow nutcases who thought it was a good idea to publish their own hockey program. We have so few brethren. That is all for now.