Free Agency Madness: Hour 5

3:00: Sam deserves a break - I'm taking over for him now.  Expect fewer updates since I'm "working" and there's less going on.  But hey, how about that Hossa deal huh?  Am I right?

3:01: And we break in with some huge news right away.  Khabby heads out to join the Oilers.

3:03: Everyone jumped on Havlat for playing big in a contract year, but not for Khabby.  Guess who was hurt more this season too?  If Khabby's groin doesn't hold this could be a great move.  Though I still would have liked to get some extra space with the cap

3:05:  TSN goes to a press conference with Bouwmeester - this is boring. I'm bored now

3:09:  4 years - 15 Mil for Nik.  That's a 3.75 cap hit (impressed with my math skills?).  That hit would look good in a Hawks sweater, but the length wouldn't.

3:12:  The Northwest division is now Khabby, Luongo, Kipper, Backstrom and... Budaj?

3:16:  McClure reminds me that Anderson signed with the Avs... I suck at this live blogging thing

3:21: Rangers, Oilers, and Maple Leafs are the leading candidates to land Chris Neil... good luck with that guys...

3:22: Flames re-sign Adam Pardy - which reminds me - don't the Blackhawks have some RFAs?

3:25  All right, your Marian Hossa's first Second City Photoshop. Yes, he has the same first name as John Wayne, but he also has the same first name as....


and yes, I'm nominating "Fat Tony" as Hossa's Second City name.

3:28: How long til we get confirmation about these Havlat to the Habs rumors? He's gotta be the next big name to fall.

3:31: Hey look - Deadspin posts a hockey column - congrats guys. Didn't even take a story about funeral burgers this time.. how nice

3:37: It's getting slow around here.. so here's a question - if you had $60 Million what would you do? Other than two chicks at the same time of course

3:40: Phantom reacts to the Panda signing -

3:42: OK we've got Eklund still throwing his dumb ratings around saying Havlat is going to Montreal, San Jose and Columbus - no word on what happened to LA.

3:43: Tallon is going to be holding a press conference at 4:00... so does that mean he's done for the day? You can watch it on the official site - I'm guessing TSN cuts over to it too

3:45: The Habs make the signing official... Hall Gill is shipping off to Montreal - 2 years/4.5 Mil total

3:49: Eklund says the Habs have something big coming.. dude.. we already talked about Hall Gill. Anyways, hold onto your butts

3:52: Just a reminder - we'll be switching over to a new thread at 4:00.. just in time for Tallon's presser

3:57: Fourth Period says Hawks still negotiating with Pahlse... interesting... aaaaaand SWITCH