Free Agent Day: The Foreplay

So, not much non-Heatley buzz through the night.  If you were the Ottawa GM, wouldn't shooting Heatley in the kneecap be a serious consideration right now?  You ask for a trade publicly with your anvil of a contract, and then won't go where we've negotiated a pretty fair haul?  Jerk.

Anyway, it all kicks off at 11 Central, and this will probably work like it did Deadline Day, where I constantly update posts, and you'll have to refresh.  But believe me, it's totally worth hitting that button to read my ever-so pithy comments about the goofs on TSN or complaints on missing the All 90's Last Letter Game on Q101.

"But I should have known, that you were the devil...."

10:25 - Word is the twins have re-signed with the Canucks at $6.1 M for 5 years.  Toronto says they never wanted those creepy bastards anyway...

10:38:  It's official, The Children of The Corn are staying at GM Place, and we can look forward to another playoff disappearance from them for years to come.

10:57:  If you're hearing rumors about Khabby getting a two-year deal, don't believe them.  They're from a fake twitter account - oh, the joys of the internet.