Friday Night Open Skate

A busy Friday night in the NHL including the a rematch of the 2012 Stanely Cup Final.

Friday's NHL Schedule

Toronto Maple Leafs (GDT) @ Buffalo Sabres (GDT) 6 pm CDT

Los Angeles Kings (GDT) @ New Jersey Devils (GDT) 6 pm CDT

Nashville Predators (GDT) @ Pittsburgh Penguins (GDT) 6 pm CDT

Anaheim Ducks (GDT) @ Carolina Hurricanes (GDT) 6 pm CDT

Montreal Canadiens (GDT) @ Columbus Blue Jackets (GDT) 6 pm CDT

Washington Capitals (GDT) @ Detroit Red Wings (GDT) 6:30 pm CDT (NHLN)

Florida Panthers (GDT) @ Minnesota Wild (GDT) 7 pm CDT

Philadelphia Flyers (GDT) @ Winnipeg Jets (GDT) 7 pm CDT

San Jose Sharks (GDT) @ Edmonton Oilers (GDT) 9 pm CDT