Friday Night Open Skate

A very busy night in the NHL. Lots to chat about including some creepy twins getting a contract extension.

Friday night schedule:

Washington Capitals (GDT) @ Philadelphia Flyers (GDT) 6 pm CDT, NHLN-US

Columbus Blue Jackets (GDT) @ Pittsburgh Penguins (GDT) 6 pm CDT

Tampa Bay Lightning (GDT) @ Carolina Hurricanes (GDT) 6 pm CDT

New York Islanders (GDT) @ Ottawa Senators (GDT) 6:30 pm CDT

St. Louis Blues (GDT) @ Florida Panthers (GDT) 6:30 pm CDT

Montreal Canadiens (GDT) @ Minnesota Wild (GDT) 7 pm CDT

Colorado Avalanche (GDT) @ Dallas Stars (GDT) 7:30 pm CDT

Detroit Red Wings (GDT) @ Calgary Flames (GDT) 8 pm CDT