Gallows Pole - Canucks 3, Hawks 2, Canucks Lead Series 3-0

It should be telling that for controlling the majority of the play this evening, the Hawks still couldn't top the Canucks, or even muster much at even strength. The names were heard from with goals from Keith and Sharp, and Jonathan Toews had two assists, but again the Hawks were exposed for what they have been for the entirety of the season, which is a middling, mediocre team. This wasn't about want. Names and bums alike, the drive and will was there. But skill prevailed. Fifty four seconds in the middle fram was all it took to get the Hawks chasing again, and the Canucks gave next to nothing 5 on 5. Now the Hawks find themselves at the gallows, noose around the neck and bag over their head, with the lever about to be pulled.


  • For all the forced plaudits Konroyd et al subjected the viewing masses to regarding John Scott's 4 hits in the first, all it took was a dumb fuck penalty behind the play which of course resulted in a red light behind Crawford to end his night. His 5:20 of ice time was augmented by the ill-conceived idea of putting him on the power play. "John Scott on a power play" is in the team photo in the most offensive phrases a Hawks fan could ever hear, along with "Captain Alex Zhamnov" and "Alexander Karpotsev". Never. Again.
  • The Canucks won the "Sedins held off the scoresheet" game, and the "March to the Box" game. That should tell you all you need to know about how this is going to end.
  • Speaking of those power plays, for having two goals, the advantage once again reeked of disorganization and poor choices. Even though Luongo made two consecutive huge saves on Toews and Kane during the 2-man advantage, the Hawks still refuse pull their heads out of their ass on the 5-on-3. The point men have to at least walk the puck to the middle of the ice. Standing stationary makes the sticks in the lanes all that much more useful. If the point men ever walked the puck to the middle and/or criss-crossed to get a one-timer, I'm pretty sure my anus would prolapse. And again, the ultimate irony is how much the coaching staff stresses their importance.
  • Duncan Keith needs to be re/de-programmed in the off season. His goal notwithstanding, his insistence on forcing things, be it a shot into shinguards, or a pass that isn't there, his decision making has been wretched for the last 7 months. It's no better exemplified than when he's lugging the mail from the Hawks' end on the power play, every defenseman running a power play learns from the age of about 10 on that you don't make a pass until you're pressured. Without fail, by the time he reaches his own blue line, that puck will be forced into traffic.
  • Corey Crawford saw the Erhoff goal the whole way, and has to make that save.
  • On the Torres hit: he probably should have gotten 5 and a game, but I'm sure he's going to sit down for a pecker slapping from Toronto tonight or tomorrow. Unfortunately, he's not one of the guys that truly matter for the Canucks.
  • Ryan Kesler's performance tonight makes me long for Dave Bolland of last year. It's a shame Bolland probably won't get a chance to recreate it, and it's a coinflip at this point whether or not Bolland himself can even remember last year.
  • While Nick Leddy got pantsed on the second goal getting crossed up on the outside by Edler, Viktor Stalberg has to stay with Daniel Sedin as he was breaking down to the far post, as Keith was actually doing his job staying at home in front of the net.
  • Some cartoonish ice times for everyone: Kane - 26:15, Toews - 23:55, Ben fucking Smith - 20:29. No offense to Smith, but if the team is leaning on him this hard at this stage of the season, then the Hawks are in the exact position they should be in.
  • Only Mason Raymond was even at an even 50% (4 of 8), with everyone else taking it hard at the dot, and yet still the Hawks couldn't manage the puck well enough to muster a goal at even strength.
  • Even with the Flyers' miraculous comeback last season against the Bruins, history is not on the Hawks' side, and they should know it. All they can do on Wednesday is come out and skate their asses off and hope for the best. But do not trust to hope.