Game 4 - The Huettenbar


In an effort to further destroy our wallets and livers, game four will be viewed at The Huettenbar, where Sam and I frequent (and that's putting it very mildly). It is a fine establishment in the heart of Lincoln Square, 4721 N. Lincoln to be precise, just steps from the Western brown line stop. Parking is ample but metered (don't drink and drive kids!). The Huettenbar even won the 2008 Business of The Year award from the Lincoln Square chamber of commerce, in spite of our presence. There is only fine, high octane German beer on tap, so don't make any plans for Thursday morning if you're going to indulge. Additionally, the bartender, Adam, is one of the funniest sunsabitches you will ever run across, and has long been a supporter (and sometimes salesmen) of the Committed Indian.

It should be noted, too, that in this particular representation of us, Killion wishes to be designated as Ice Cube's character Chief Elgin, and will likely call for a "Ring of Jesus Fire" in the name of Marty as a result.