Game(s) to Watch Tonight

Two days in a row without the Hawks playing?  It's torture ain't it?  Luckily for all of us it's about to get real crazy for the Hawks.  After tonight they play every other day, and twice back-to-back, until April 10 when they get two days off before playing another back-to-back series against the Scum.

In other words, girlfriends, wives, boyfriends, whoever, are going to be real pissy soon when they learn we have plans every other day for the next few weeks.

That doesn't mean we have to stop actually watching hockey on the off days though.  Here are two games to keep your eye on tonight using whatever means, legal or not, available to you.

  • The First is obviously Vancouver @ Dallas.  According to Mirtle, the Hawks have a 95% chance of being either the 4th or 5th seed.  While the Canucks have a 66% chance at those spots.  I would imagine they have a smaller percentage only because they have an outside chance to jump up to the third seed if they overtake the Flames.  Dallas is 3 points out of the playoffs and have lost 3 in a row dating back to a week ago when they lost to the Canucks.  If they want to get to the playoffs then they better start winning right about.... now.  Check out Defending Big D for Dallas' take on the game and Nucks Misconduct for the Orca's side.  Game time for this one is 7:30 Central
    At 5 points out and with an extra game already played, I think we can pretty much write off the Blue Jackets from overtaking the fourth seed but they've won two in a row and still have two more games against the Hawks so it's not impossible yet.  So their match up against the Lightning is one to check for on the ticker.   There isn't a SBN Blue Jackets blog (know anyone who'd want to start one?) and the only other one I seem to know of has a countdown timer for their return.. but check out Light The Lamp anyway or head over to one of SBN's newest blogs - Raw Power Charge for the Bolts side.  Game time is 6:30 Central/