Got our lips around a bottle and our foot on the throttle: April Monthly Preview

So that picture just about sums up the Hawks March, yeah? But lets not spend too long dwelling on the past.  Sure, the Hawks' March really sucked.. Sure they went 6-7-2..  but so what?

It's a new month now and they're all but guaranteed a playoff spot even if they go 0-3-4 they make it.  And as McClure showed in the game recap from last night - there's things to be positive about, even after another dreadful loss.

Things can't continue to be this shitty, right?


This month is one that all of Hawk fans have been waiting for.  It might scare me more than facing San Jose, New Jeresy and Vancouver in a row though.  The Hawks have been pretty terrible against their Central Division rivals and that's all we see from now til the playoffs.  It's every team twice home and away except the Blues who the Hawks will only see at home tonight.

The Hawks will need adapt to teams changing the style of play - the league seems to have figured out that if you put pressure on the defense and keep everyone to the outside the Hawks are easily thrown off their game.  That's fine, the Hawks just need to find a way to adapt to that too.

These last 7 games will all be intense as everyone except Detroit is fighting for the playoffs, even Columbus could drop out if they let up at all.  The Hawks need to make a statement in these games that they're ready so expect to see some great match ups this month.  Check after the jump for the numbers for this month..


Home Games:   4

Road Games:  3

Avg. points of opponents: 90.5

Central Division Games: All of them
Teams the Hawks have NOT already played this year:  None of them
Record against the Central: 4-7-6... puke
Longest Road Trip:  2 games in 3 days (Columbus,off, Nashville)
Sets of Back-to-back Games:  If you include tonight, 3 (tonight against the Blues, Nashville and BJs then a home and home against Detroit to end the regular season)

Games to look forward to: All of them - especially the ones after the 12th...
Record of:  44-26-12 (100 points exactly)
Most goals:  Jonathan Toews - 33
Most points:  Martin Havlat - 74 *Cough*signhim*Cough*

Most PIM:  Ben Eager - 168
Most hits: Brent Seabrook - 215 (watch for to pass that as he's hitting everything that moves lately)

Most Blocked Shots: Seabrook again - 118