Gustav Forsling’s mad dash saves Blackhawks from embarrassing empty net goal

That was close.

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Gustav Forsling made the save of the night Friday with a mad scramble to stop a loose puck from going in during a delayed penalty.

The Hawks had pulled Jeff Glass to go 6-on-5 after Dustin Byfuglien was whistled for slashing, but it almost ended in catastrophe when an errant pass slipped out of the offensive zone and toward the unmanned goal. Forsling had to dash back at full speed to save the puck within inches of going in.

Aaaaaaaaaaand breath. Phew.

Let’s remember that this is not unheard of. Exactly four years ago to the day (what are the odds of that?), Patrick Kane scored an own goal on a delayed penalty with a ill-advised pass to the point.

So this was almost the second time in the past few years that a Blackhawk scored against the Blackhawks when the team should’ve had a power play. Good thing it was Forsling back there and not someone slower.