Hawks night at Sox game tomorrow night


The Chicago White Sox will host “Chicago Blackhawks Night,” the signature event in the landmark partnership between the baseball club and the Blackhawks of the National Hockey League, when they take on the Toronto Blue Jays tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 7:11 p.m.).

The night, which will be televised on Comcast SportsNet, will feature special promotions prior to, during and after the game. Activities include: a pregame party and parade for Blackhawks season-ticket-holders, visits by Blackhawks players and legends, a special outdoor television broadcast by White Sox announcers Ken Harrelson and Darrin Jackson from the Fan Deck above center field, and a rare mid-week post-game fireworks show.“

Being a Cubs fan, I kind of hate the fact that the Blackhawks now have a partnership with the White Sox. You would have thought that with John McDonough being the former Cubs president and all that he might have tried to get something going with them, but sadly they chose the Sox.

But whatever. Anything that gets the Hawks a little more PR and attention is fine by me. All I know is, training camp is right around the corner and I simply cannot wait.