Hawks vs. Davos - Third Period Live Blog

2:40  Sam's taking his dog out for a brief constitutional.. then he'll be around to finish up the game in the live blog.  Let your commenting commence.  By the way, they're playing "Sweet Home Chicago" on the PA right now..

2:49  I'm back, before they call to tell me what my car repairs will cost and I weep uncontrollably.

2:51  Something names Smolenak pots after good work from Klinkhahrelhaghammer.  Yeah Rockford depth!

2:54:  Gianola takes a hooking penalty for Davos.  I loved him when he was at Tottenham.

2:56  Flash scores on the PP.  We'd like to see more of this, as it looks like Keith will get the keys for the second PP unit.

2:59  Nice sequence from Crawford.  Stops a breakaway and then a one-timer follow up.

3:01  Kaner with the Meadowlark routine

3:06  Still don't know what to make of the roster battle.  We'll know more tomorrow when the lineup comes out, as that's the dress rehearsal.  Still think it'll be Skille who gets the call, due to his draft status.  But maybe due to his salary status he won't.

3:10  As far as the goalie battle goes, you'd have to say Crawford's shading it tonight, but I don't know how much this game will matter in the final decision.

3:08  Smolenak again profits from good work by someone else, this time Aaron Johnson.  #6 d-man scramble still going on.

3:14  Hendry with the turnover at the blue line leading to a breakaway, though the pass was a total hand grenade.

3:18  I know it's cute, but this Kane on the PK experiment needs to end before Friday, it's going to get us killed.

3:22  Well that'll wrap it up.  Thanks for playing.  We'll have more thoughts tonight, i'm sure.