Hawks vs. Davos Thread

I'll be blogging live, and whoever's not doing their job is free to join in.

1:12.  Just in time for the anthems.

1:14:  Swiss arena pumpin' out some metal!

1:15 Game starts, no announcers, won't this be a treat?

1:17  The face off dots are highlighted in purple, giving them the appearance of a bruised nipple.

1:20  Brent Sopel on an international size surface.  I keep thinking aneurysm.

1:22  Play picking up now, Sharp had a chance, as did Skille.  Niemi makes a good save on the other end.

1:26 And it's John Madden taking our usual, lazy, offensive zone penalty.

1:27 Shorty for Brouwer, see what happens when Toews is on the kill?  Oh look, we've brought our goal song across the pond, further complicating US diplomacy.

1:30  I know, we're all in shock that Brouwer finished a chance, but maybe the secret all along was to give him ones he couldn't possibly miss.

1:32  Automatic icing, and Don Cherry nods in appreciation.  Then belches.

1:35  Soupy gets a soft one, through the five-hole.  Hawks starting to dominate now.  Chelsea dagger plays again, the Swiss consider declaring war upon us.

1:40  Lesson for Davos, don't let Kane just stand behind the net, and he scores on the rebound of the chance he created.  Chelsea dagger plays for a third time, Swiss prime minister asks for launch codes.

1:42  Obviously, this game is for the bottom-roster guys, but I don't know how much you can learn watching the play against sub-NHL competition.

1:45  End of the 1st, 3-0 Four Feathers.  God it's wonderful not having a real job, isn't it?

1:49  If the NHL played on the Int'l surface, I think the Hawks would win the President's Trophy.

2:03  Killion (Dirt) here now - I'm taking over for Sam to give him a little break before the third period.  So far.. umm.. nothing really to report

2:05  Lazy clear leads to an odd number rush for the Hawks.. but Davos turn it right around on the Hawks.  No Goals for either team though

2:07  What's everyone's thoughts on the singing/chanting?  I've always loved it for soccer games but not sure if I like it so much in hockey where the pace is much much faster..

2:08 The announcers finally kicked in for me..interesting. Just in time to see Patrick Sharp go off for high-sticking

2:10  Some good cycling of the puck and then two great cross-ice passes on the powerplay leads to Davos getting a wide open shot.  Widing gets the goal for Davos 3-1 Hawks.

2:11  The lazy dumb penalties we saw for a while last year evidently haven't been corrected.  Hammer #2 goes off for interference.

2:14  Back at even strength and the Hawks get a good rush up ice - Bickle takes it hard to the net and gets it off the post.  Brophey follows him in and gets the easy rebound goal 4-1 Hawks

2:18  The Hawks had some good work with the puck down low and draw the penalty.   Davos' Stoop sits 2 for holding.  Is this the Hawks first PP?

2:19  Hawks also use the stoppage to switch up goalies - Crawford in.  Looks like Davos picked up another penalty so we're 5 on 3

2:21 Some great pressure from the Hawks but the Davos' killers do a great job blocking lanes and getting some luck so we're back at even strength.  Both Kaner and Sharp missed solid chances.

2:22  Pressure continues and the Hawks are changing with the puck in offensive zone..

2:24  Bickle flies off the bench towards the net and gets a great chance but the Davos' goalie comes up with a big pad save.. tough break there.

2:25  Sharp gets in alone one on one off a great feed from Skille and doesn't miss.  Nice backhander lifted over the leg.  About 5 minutes left in the second

2:27  Two on one for Davos but Crawford keeps up with the play getting a pad out and blocking the shot.

2:28  Brophy goes off for a hook which means we get to see some more fun ideas from Q on the PK.

2:30  Some guy named Mahra goes off for a hook which means we'll see about a 1 minute PP for the Hawks in about 30 seconds

2:33  The power play takes a while to get going but nothing happening til Davos' keeper covers up and Toews gives a little push which results in some words being exchanged... I wonder how universal "fuck you" is..

2:34  That'll end the second - I think we're opening up a new thread for the 3rd period and Sam is coming back to take us home.  5-1 Hawks.