He Returns, The Redeemer!

So tomorrow's the big night, when Marian Hossa finally takes the ice. Sassone is hinting/reporting/guessing that he's going to line up with Daydream Nation, which none of us like but whatever, let's enjoy the carnage they create for the time being. This is Coach Q, it'll change pretty quickly. Maybe it makes his first few games easier, we shall see.

I mentioned this in one of my editorial's in The Indian during the last homestand, but I get the impression that there's a lot of Hawks fans who don't appreciate what a special player the Hawks are getting here.  Simply put, Hossa is the most dynamic forward the Hawks have had since Roenick, and maybe even Savard.  He does everything on the ice well, never takes a shift off, is in the same speed-category as Keith and Campbell, and has a nose for the net that no one on the team can match right now.

The Fifth Feather laid out some ground rules for Hossa's return, you should read them and learn them.  They're spot on.

Anyway, can't wait.  Big clash tomorrow.  You'll need food and booze for it.  So come get it with McClure and I at Whirlaway.  You won't even have to put up with Killion.