He Who Getzlaf Laughs Best: Hawks 0, Schmucks 1

Well, perhaps it's my fault for putting his name in the preview post.  After that it was pretty well set that Ryan Getzlaf would be the Hawks' doom, and so it was.  To be fair, the Hawks kept him and Perry in check for most of the game, save one chance.  Unfortunately, they took their once chance, and the Hawks were wasteful with the few they had.  And that there's your game, mes amis.

Credit where credit is due, the Ducks snuffed out the Hawks attack very effectively.   Anaheim stood us up at the blue line all afternoon, forcing the Hawks to dump in and try and outwork and outmuscle the Ducks, which wouldn't be described as Chicago's strongsuit.  Though the Hawks tried their best and held their own in this sort of game, it was always going to land us place money.  And so it did.  One 51 Phatnom/Colin Frasier turnover, and Getzlaf made us pay.

I still don't see much on Anaheim other than Perry and Getzlaf.  And the elder Niedermayer.  But that sounds like sour grapes at this moment.  Coach Q got a little goofy with his lines during the 2nd and 3rd.  Toews was skating with Ladd and Buff, perhaps to provide more size against Anaheim's top line.  No injuries this time at least, and Huet was solid, which is a very good thing.  He'll probably go again tomorrow at Staples.

4-1-1 would still be a ridiculously successful trip, so let's do that.  Unfortunately, that douchebag with his leather Ducks jacket went home happy.  Next time, jackass.