Help The Family

I know I've come calling to ask those of you who can to donate to one cause or another over the months, so I hope this isn't getting to in the "Wolf!" territory. But please at least read on, and you can decide for yourself.

We have a great back and forth with St. Louis Gametime, and sometimes it gets a little nasty. But I've always felt it was in good fun. It has been for me. Moreover, because they're the only other ones printing up their own gameday program and standing out in the cold to peddle it in the same strict refusal to grow up that I have a terminal case of, there is a pretty unshakable bond between us. To be more to the point, Gallagher, Gift, Brad Lee and I are friends more than anything. All of them have kept my head up when I didn't know if the Indian would make it or not, and I hope I've done something similar for them.

A member of their Gametime Family needs help, which means a member of the SCH/Committed Indian family needs help.

One of their vendors named Clarence, who stands out and sells their program every game, has been battling stomach cancer for months. He's braved this condition for the duration of the season. He is undergoing surgery on Feb. 1st, and will not be able to get his real job for a couple months after.

Gametime has started a fund to help Clarence out during this time. You can easily find it at St. Louis Here is their post about it. It's right under the FanPosts section on the right of the page. If you don't want to use Paypal, you can find Gallagher's email there to ask him about another way.

SLGT and SCH are of the same family, as dysfunctional as it might be. If one of our own needed help, none of them would hesitate to hear and answer our call. We will do the same.

Thank you.