Help Wanted: Second City Hockey is looking for new contributors, again!

It could be you! Or you! Maybe even YOU!!

Hello everyone!

This season at Second City Hockey has been entertaining, to say the least, but with the postseason around the corner, we're hoping to gear up and give you guys the best coverage possible of our favorite hockey team. I love the group we already have in place here, but it's a fairly small one, and covering the Blackhawks is no small order.

So with the postseason and a potentially franchise-altering offseason around the corner, we're hoping to add a few new contributors to the SCH team soon. Unlike last time we opened things up, we're going to be a bit more specific in what we're looking for help with, but if you're interested, please apply!

Available roles

- Game coverage

When it comes to covering games, there's a lot more than just previews and recaps. We'd love to bring in a contributor or two to help with in-game coverage, from game threads to grabbing Vines/GIFs to whatever else we think readers might've missed from the action. This job would involve a lot of just watching the games, which I'm guessing many of you do anyway!

- Morning Bag Skates

The community is the life blood of SCH, and none of that is possible without these posts that serve as gathering places for our site. If you've been around these parts before, you're surely familiar with our morning link dumps and game threads. This is one area where expertise on hockey isn't necessarily required, so it's a good way to get started if you're still honing your hockey chops.

- Features, analysis, etc.

We do our fair share of analysis here at SCH, but we could always use more and from a wider range of perspectives. Want to use fancy stats? Want to focus on reporting or something else? We could use some folks to help us dig deeper into the team's performance and other aspects of the Blackhawks world.

- Rockford/AHL correspondent

This one would require some geography to work out, but other SBN blogs have an AHL correspondent of sorts who lives near that team, and if anyone around the IceHogs has that interest and passion, we'd love to bring them aboard. This year has underscored how important the guys in Rockford are to the Blackhawks' success, and I don't think anyone is opposed to learning more about them. It's also possible we could get someone a credential, although we haven't been lucky so far trying with the Blackhawks.

- Moderator

This has been mentioned a few times in the comments over the past few weeks, and it's clear SCH could use a bit more help with moderation. This gig would require someone who's been around the community for a while and understands the nuances of its various members and in-jokes. It's a cool bunch, though, and you'll be able to wield the almighty BAN HAMMER (when appropriate).


  • Must be a Blackhawks fan. Duh.
    For game coverage, you must be able to watch most or all the games, either on TV or online via something like GameCenter.
    Must be relatively easy to reach and reliable. We primarily communicate via email, social media and a software called Slack. Missing assignments, failing to communicate, etc. makes things harder for everyone involved.
    Social media and/or blogging experience preferred/

How to apply

For those interested in joining the team, please send an email to satcheleprice AT with the subject line "SCH Application." Ideally, candidates will include a resume and writing sample to give me an idea of your past experience and writing style. Also include any social media accounts you use if that's something you do.

Also to note, these are not paying gigs. Unfortunately we can only offer a platform and an audience at the moment, but things could always change in the future.

So that's it! I can't promise that I'll be able to respond to everyone who reaches out, but I'll do my best. I hope to be able to respond to those who might be joining the team within a few days of emailing me. Thank you to everyone who's interested -- I'm trying to make the best Blackhawks blog out there and it wouldn't be possible without all the help.

And of course, go Blackhawks!