Help Wanted Sign Is Out Again


As we are now entrenched in the Summer Hockey Doldrums, we need to do some reshuffling here at SCH. As you know or at least guessed, Hack isn't on Morning Links any more due to work concerns. Hack will be kicked upstairs in a fashion that a Wirtz can love, and will help us out with some wraps and previews this year, as well as posts concerning whatever else is bouncing around the beautiful shaven dome of his.

So that leaves us with a Morning Links hole, and you can't leave that gaping for too long without it starting to ooze a weird fluid that glows in blacklight (though why you'd be using blacklight for medical purposes is beyond me). This time, we're going to make it easier on people, as we're looking for two people to switch off every day. If you have an interest in being one of our links people, please email me and Kills and McClure, and we'll start the process.

And please, only if you're truly serious about this. We don't want someone who just wants to "try it out" and then chucks it a month in. I get enough of that with Committed Indian sellers. You know what the job entails by now and what's asked, so only if you're in for the long haul (i.e. the entirety of the season). No, it doesn't pay (we don't get paid either), and other than seeing your name as an author I'm not sure what's in it for you. Well, actually, it's a great way to audition your writing on the next level, and if we like it we may move you on to other stuff someday, just as we have with Hack.

So please, fire away.