Here’s a tweet Ryan Hartman liked (UPDATE: He says it was a mistake.)

The Blackhawks forward has since unliked it and told Second City Hockey it was “clearly on mistake.”

Hello! Good morning in beautiful Chicago! Here’s a tweet that Ryan Hartman recently liked (and has since unliked) from his Twitter page:

Not exactly a great indication of a team that’s gelling on or off the ice. Unless ... maybe Richard Panic is a different person from Richard Panik? Naturally this caused a bit of a stir over the weekend.

However, Hartman reached out to us on Sunday morning to clarify that liking that tweet “was clearly on mistake” and that he would never wish anything bad upon a teammate, so it’s probably not worth considering too much beyond this. Lord knows I’ve accidentally liked a tweet in the past because of my fat fingers.

Anyway, here’s a reminder to be careful about which tweets you like on Twitter because everyone can see them.