Here’s Niklas Hjalmarsson somehow fitting down a little kid’s slide

That’s some good father-son bonding!

According to the Chicago Blackhawks, Niklas Hjalmarsson is 6’3, 197 lbs. These listed height and weight numbers aren’t always accurate, but for someone like Hjalmarsson, we can probably assume they’re pretty, pretty close.

Which makes his bonding time with his son all the more impressive. On a family outing to the playground - the Hawks are coming off of a well-deserved win, after all - he went down the slide with his son, Theo.

And somehow made it.

Father and son bonding in the beautiful weather the other day. Surprised my big hockeyass fit down that slide

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Thank goodness he didn’t get stuck due to his “big hockeyass”; that would have been extremely unfortunate.

This is beyond adorable, though. My goodness, right from the way he cautiously fits himself into the slide to the look of almost bewilderment that he made it down and did that.

The Hjalmarssons are so great.