Here's To Swimmin' With Bow-Legged Women: Blackhawks Win 4-2, Lead Series 2-0

You know, I was going to try and write a full wrap for this game tonight.  However, I drank just a tad too much, I have to wake up early for work tomorrow and really feel like just going to bed.  So here are just some quick thoughts on the game and I'm sure Sam or McClure will have some more thoughts in the morning.

-The CORSI numbers once again don't really favor the Blackhawks. Of all the forwards, Toews, Buff and Kane were just a few with a positive rating (6-8-8 respectively). Hossa registered a +1 and Sharp was a dead-even, everyone else was a negative. So the Daydream Nation/Buff line is once again a force but their 5 combined points should have also pointed out that fact too.. even if two of those points came on the power play. Thornton was a -6... so again, we're just sayin'

-The Ladd-Bolland-Versteeg line had more time than anyone other forwards tonight (all over 19 minutes). No complaints here though because Andrew Ladd was absolutely on his game. He was only credited with 2 hits but was a far more physical force on the ice. It's always great to see someone who plays his style rewarded with a goal.

-Speaking of Bolland... McClure and I were talking about it and he must be one of the most miserable little shits to play against. We saw it against Vancouver where he drew the Sedins into taking some penalties but now we're seeing it again where he was thoroughly mind-fucking Joe Thornton. We thought Toews was going to destroy his sudden playoff turnaround.. but it looks like Bolland is doing more than enough to get him off his game. I don't really remember him being much of a pest before his return this year but it's not exactly an unwelcome sight.

-Niemi once again had a fantastic game with a few great saves.  He only had to face 27 shots this game but came up huge on a few of them.  Nabokov on the other hand didn't do as well.  4 goals on only 22 shots means he only had an .818 SV%.  Niemi gave up some big rebounds but once again had the D clear them out... except for Marleau's second goal... where the bounce went straight to his stick. Fear The Finn

-Oh hey... this guy is a douche.  There's nothing more to really say about it.  I even feel bad about giving him a few extra links, even though I am a WBEZ member.

Even though the Hawks took a commanding lead tonight, it's far from over. The Hawks do have a foot on the throat of the Sharks but they have yet to really press down. A win on Friday does just that.

Lets Go Hawks