High Volatage Rock N' Roll Needed

Before we get to the preview, there's one aspect of tonight's game that I think is terribly important, though not a terribly original thought.  The Hawks can make quick work of the Flames if they get their PP going.  We know there'll be opportunities, and probably even more so tonight, as there's every chance the officials call this one tight to keep it from boiling over.  3 for 13 isn't horrible, but it could be so much better.

Q has gone on record saying that he's going to keep rotating personell until he finds a setup that works, but this seems weird.  Whenever the man-advantage flickers out of service, it seems Brian Campbell get the crack of the whip first.  We've all been back and forth on 51 Phantom, and we don't need to rehash all of that here, but not having him on the #1 unit is non-sensical.  Though Barker, according to the stats, is more vital, his importance doesn't register until in the attacking zone.  It is Phantom's speed and decision making that gets the Hawks into the zone, which they've struggled with lately.  A top pairing of Seabrook and Barker does not include a carrier, and they've suffered for it.

With Kane's return, the second unit won't be the overturned short bus it was in Game 3.  Either Havlat or Kane himself will improve that unit greatly.  I've called for Bolland on the PP for months, but I never meant on the point, where he looks totally lost.  Buff and Brouwer serve the same purpose on that, so Q needs to pick one, or better yet, Ladd, and put him between Versteeg and Havlat/Kane.  The points, in this observer's opinion, should be Keith and Seabrook, as Keith can do some of the same things that 51 Phantom can.

Q also needs to just stick with a power play lineup and go with it.  The constant shuffling isn't doing anyone's confidence any good.  Also, during Game 2 you may have noticed Seabrook slipping into the high slot, which wouldn't be the worst idea to try again.  It's pretty clear the Hawks have become predictable with the extra man, and doing something else would just give the Flames something to think about.