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A St. Patrick’s Day request: Please stop overplaying ‘Shipping up to Boston’

Your holiday playlists need some work.

Remembering the old versions of Blackhawks TV

Bring back whatever PR team forced rookies into costumes!

Convinced I’m Wrong: Rangers 7, Blackhawks 1

Bah humbug.

Introducing two additions to the Second City Hockey staff

No word yet on how this affects the Blackhawks rebuild.

Second City Hockey is hiring!

With a new season under way, we’re adding to our staff!

Despite all our rage, we’re still just fans in a (rebuild) cage

We need to get this off our collective chest.

‘Homegating’: How to tailgate Blackhawks games from the couch

Great calls for any Blackhawks watch party.

Introducing: the Blackhawks Trade-o-Meter

For this season, we’re introducing the trade meter, which measures how good a return for certain players could be.

The winner of Second City Hockey’s Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge is ...

Drum roll, please.

Join Second City Hockey’s Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge

Internet bragging points are on the line. Prepare accordingly.


A final thought.

A Chicago Blackhawks’ Christmas Wish List

We checked it twice.

An incomplete list of things we’re excited about for the ‘21-22 Blackhawks season

Here are some things to hold guide you through the last few hours before the start of the season.

We’re on the outside and we’re looking in: A Blackhawks fans’ guide to the 2021 playoffs

Forget the teams outside the Central Division? Don’t know which bandwagon to hop on for the next few months? We can help with that.

Reverse Retro Breakdown: Central Division

Each team is debuting a new look for the 2021 season.

Let’s Do That Hockey: talking Stars-Hawks and more with DBD’s Taylor Baird

The first installment of our new series featuring conversations with representatives of our SB Nation sibling sites

Who wins in a Blackhawks version of the Royal Rumble?

A very serious scientific discussion.

A sports reflection at the end of 2020: To hell with ‘tanking’

"Tanking sucks. Tanking is overrated. And if you’re an advocate of tanking, you probably suck, too."

Announcing some adjustments to the Second City Hockey lineup

With hockey on the horizon, we have a few updates.

Building a baseball lineup with Blackhawks players

Which positions on the diamond would Chicago’s hockey players fit at?

Watch: Blackhawks’ Alex Nylander does ‘Toosie Slide’ dance with brother William Nylander

Alex Nylander can moonwalk sort of.

Second City Hockey’s social-distancing guide to entertainment

Brandon, Dave, Matt and Shepard share music and podcasts they’ve been listening to and books they’re reading.

Blackhawks all-2010s lineup challenge: Special teams

How would you assemble Chicago’s power play and penalty kill units?

Blackhawks all-2010s lineup challenge: Forwards

The top three lines were unanimous selections, but what was the best option for the fourth line?

Blackhawks all-2010s lineup challenge: Defensemen

The top two pairings were unanimous selections, but what was the best third pairing?

Blackhawks all-2010s lineup challenge: Goalies

Corey Crawford has had many backups, but which one gave Chicago the best possible goalie tandem?

Introducing Second City Hockey’s all-2010s Blackhawks lineup challenge

Chicago had some stacked teams in the 2010s. Let’s have some fun with them!

Blackhawks’ Alex DeBrincat gets new dog named Burt

"Look out boys, there’s two trouble makers now. #DeBrindogs"

Blackhawks 2019-20 season giveaways, ranked

From bobbleheads, hats and practical items here’s the best and worst of Chicago’s giveaways.

Blackhawks’ Perlini finally meets Fire’s Schweinsteiger

Perlini attended the Chicago doubleheader this past weekend.

DeBrincat, Perlini, Strome as WWE’s Shield members

In honor of The Shield’s final match, here’s the Blackhawks’ young second line as the legendary WWE trio.

Watch: Blackhawks perform ‘Eagleman’ commercial parody

"Oh, look at those great convention passes."