Huet To Play In Switzerland Next Year?

If you haven't noticed - it's a bit of a slow news time around here.  So when you see this random story posted on Twitter - I guess you have to talk about it.  Just as a disclaimer - I don't know anything about 20 Minuten Online... they could be the Swiss version of Eklund for all I know.  Speaking of Eklund - watch this.

Back to the story though - I took a year of German in college but was pretty damn horrible at it.  So since we're not PPP - I simply had to use the old stand-by of google translator.  The article is still pretty hard to understand but it seems to say Huet has been loaned to the Swiss team Fribourg-Gotteron for next year.  Fribourg-Gotteron plays in the Nationalliga A... so at least it'll be the top tier of the Swiss league.

The Hawks need to get rid of Huet's contract somehow - playing in Europe is definitely one option and perhaps the most appealing for Huet.

UPDATE - Kuc just weighed in on Twitter now too - he reports that Huet's agent says the deal is not yet done... meaning I guess that there's at least a little bit of truth to this.
ANOTHER UPDATE! -  Quotes from Huet's agent, Stephen Bartlett. Seems as though there are "a lot of hoops to go through and approvals that have to happen here". So for right now this is anything but final, as the Twitterverse gets its collective panties in a wad with screams of circumvention.

UPDATE (ALBUM VERSION) - James Mirtle realized he had been vanquished by me on Twitter and penned this piece regarding the Huet story with reaction from Bartlett as well as deputy commissioner Bill Daly.