I guess so...

In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz, "Whatever."

Yet another reason to hate the shootout; the Hawks almost certainly do not deserve a second point tonight, and disappointing road tie sounds about right.  But, I suppose a good team finds a way when they don't play well, and we all think the Hawks are that, so we'll take it.

Yet another night to marvel at how lucky we are to have our captain, Jonathan Toews, or as The Committed Indian has dubbed him, The One.  A true captain's performance tonight:  Working his ass off, causing turnovers, setting up what few chances we had, burying one in the shootout, and even dropping the gloves.  I've always sort of chortled when anyone suggests Toews needs as much protecting as Patrick Kane.  Yes, he's young, and no, I don't want to see Toews have to constantly scrap.  But Johnny B. Good is not small, he's 6-2 after all, and looks ready to handle himself.  Fine by me.

Once again, there must've been a really nice pair of tits by the penalty box, because the Hawks couldn't wait to get over there to take a look.  In fact, the Hawks canceled out three of their PP's taking short-bus penalties.  This has to stop.  Apparently, Coach Q thinks so too, because Sharp's and Kane's ass both met bench for the 2nd period after two lazy, silly penalites, 200 feet from their goal.  This is why the Hawks hired a real coach, in part to hold players accountable.  Sharp then was balls-to-the-walls for the rest of the game.  So apparently the message got through.

Seabrook also had one of his best games this year.  Biscuit was very physical, and positionally strong.  More of that please.  In fact, one facet the Hawks were the more physical team tonight, which doesn't happen all that often.

The effort will have to be better for the rest of the trip.  But wrap it up, we'll take it.  On to the mess that is the Dallas Stars...