I Know What You Did Last Friday / Morning Links - 12/8


The Ghost of Rick DiPietro's knees (and hip, and cerebrospinal fluid, and...) warns: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE ISLES

Here's the thing: Someone forgot to remind the Islanders that they stink. Wang Chung is 4-0-1 in their last five after sinking their hooks into the Lightning Tuesday night, 5-1. Amazingly, the Isles are just three wins out of a playoff spot in the East, and you can be sure they will have their stone and sling ready for the Hawks, who squeaked out a Connect Four victory against Lawn Guyland last Friday.

I will defer to the Magi for the full game preview, but I will offer this. The Isles gave the Hawks all they could handle because they are tenacious and make up for their average speed with good positioning and swift puck movement. The Isles are more skilled than their stats suggest, but If the Hawks can match their intensity, disrupt their passing lanes, and stay out of the box, talent will out, my dears.