I'm glad all that is behind us now... January Preview

Lets get on with the rest of the season.. Sorry this is a bit late.  With the holidays and the Classic things have to get pushed back a bit.

The big news for today is that the Hawks will have 3, count 'em.. 3, starters in the All-Star Game... and just to show how big of a joke it all is... Brian Campbell receieved the most votes as the best defenceman in the Western Conference.  Campbell isn't even the best D-Man on the Blackhawks, let alone the whole conference.  Some people will get really upset by the fact that All-Star voting process is such a joke that only 4 teams are represented in the 12 starting spots... everyone else will realize the whole All-Star Game in general is a joke itself and not care.

So good for the Hawks - Kane.. you deserve it most of the three.

Did you all know there's a show on NBC called "Football Night in America"?  I never realized that before.. I'd like to see Bob Costas and Don Cherry fight..

New weekly poll is up too..

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For the Month of January (not including the Classic):

Home Games: 6

Road Games: 7

Avg. points of opponents: 41

Central Division Games: 4 (Two against Nashville, two against St. Louis)

Teams the Hawks have already played this year: 12

Record in those games: 9-4-4

Longest Road Trip: 2 different 3 game trips (Phoenix, Colorado and Nashville early then Ducks, Kings Sharks late)

Sets of Back-to-back Games: 3

Games to look forward to: Home and home series against the Predators (10th and 11th),  Another fucking road trip thru California (watch out for this)

The Hawks are on pace for:

Record of: 47-19-16 (108 points).. wow

Most goals: Patrick Sharp (on pace for 44 goals)

Most points: Patrick Kane ( on pace for 96 points)

Out of a possible 26 points left in January, how many will the Blackhawks end up with?

12 or fewer1