I'm sure you're tired of working already...

So by now you've probably taken the dog for a walk, took the train downtown, got settled into work, drank your coffee, goofed around with coworkers and sat down at your computer to find other ways to procrastinate from actually working.  So why not see what some other sites are up to around SB Nation?:

To start - Fear The Fin has more coherent/less rambling recap of last nights Sharks/Hawks game.  I'd suspect less alcohol was involved on their post - but maybe not.

FrankD's girlfriend looks like a damn fine baker.  Too bad she didn't add the scarf on the logo - that was my favorite Pens logo.

Pension Plan Puppets learned that the word for "ice" in punjab is "'barf" in their recap of the game against the Canucks

And in case you wanted to learn more about PPP - Winging It In Motown has a little sit down with them - I'm guessing that they were sitting at their computers... while writing emails or whatever..

Finally - Mirtle questions how much longer MacTavish will be behind the bench for the Oilers.

And if you're unemployed and didn't do anything I said in the first paragraph - get off your ass and get a job.  You shouldn't be reading hockey blogs right now anyway.  (note: I posted this during a lunch break.. therefore I shouldn't get fired)

Bonus Blackhawks News:  Third Man In has some news on the rumors of Nylander to the Hawks.  Quick Version - Nothing is happen because they wanted Buff.. Tallon thows a tantrum because they won't take Huet back.