I See Your 12 Years For Hossa And Raise You...

...17 years for Kovalchuk. This has some impact on the Hawks, as it means the Kings won't be adding this mutant to become a force that frightens my bowels into non-existence. Anyway, Kovy is heading back to Newark in a reported 17-year deal that could top 150 mildo. Some have suggested that this will start the dominoes falling amongst free agents, but I don't see how that works at all. No one is anywhere near Kovy's galaxy. But we shall see.

Look for a lot of Quick-for-Simon Gagne rumors to heat up. And I think that's all.

EDIT: Simon Gagne has been traded to Tampa Bay for former Hawk pilon Matt Walker and a fourth round pick, as the Kings are seemingly left with nothing but a handful of themselves. --McClure