In The Light Of Day

I promised McClure and Kills that I would come home last night and scorch the Earth in front of me. I was going to make my last plea to the Hawks look like a child politely asking for a sugar-free desert. But when I sat down at 2:30am, I thought it better to wait until the morning. I walked out of the UC with steam coming out of my ears last night. For what seemed like the millionth time, I had watch the Hawks piss away two points because they simply didn't want to not piss them away bad enough. After a dominant 20 to open that looked like the best of last year, once again they shifted down to 2nd gear and waited for the Wild to thank them for even letting them be on the same ice as the Hawks, tell them what an honor it was, and meekly surrender the two points because they were in such awe.

But now, in the morning? It just looks like the Hawks lost another game because the two d-men they count on most, Marlboro 72, were just awful. Seabrook turns the puck over leading to only Martin Havalt having time and space, provided by Duncan Keith. Duncs, you practiced with Havlat for three years, at some point I'm sure he lasered one top corner when given the chance during that span. Shouldn't you know this? Maybe this isn't the most scientific way to go about things, but in the Hawks regulation losses this season, Duncan Keith is a -22. So in any game where the Hawks have garnered a point, he's a +18. That says a lot, I think,

What angers is me is that the Hawks can grapple on to any number of excuses last night, though they don't seem to be which is encouraging. Brouwer's missed open net and post, the quick whistle on Toews's goal, Keith hitting the post. But they didn't deserve any luck last night.

Patrick Kane was everywhere during the 1st period, and then....duuuuhhhhh. I had planned to make a joke about him once again more worried about his rumored postgame habits, but that would be in poor taste. But the game is 60 minutes long, Kaner. I can't help but notice you get worse as the game goes on. Don't I have to question your conditioning then?

When the epitaph of this season is written, and it could be coming a lot sooner than we think as long as the Hawks continue to carry themselves as if that's is impossible, the easy way will to be bemoan the loss of depth from the Summer Purge. Maybe that's it, but I see the fill-ins skating every night. When I write it, it'll be the Hawks being let down by those they counted on to get them through it. Instead those "leaders" have basically played in a pout all season.

And yet...and yet. There's time. But the numbers are getting a little daunting. An 18-10-2 stretch here would land the Hawks with 94 points.  Could be enough, might not be. But is this team capable of that? I have no idea. That's what's bothering me so much right now. I can't tell you what they'll do. Would I be shocked if they go 20-8-2 here, to land at 98? No. But they could totally biff it too.

The brass aren't absolved here either. Coach Q can't get his team to show up every night, and that's a reflection of the coach. Where else could lay fault? I hope Stan Bowman got a good look at Sean O'Donnell on Sunday, because he could have had that for the price of John Scott and Nick Boynton. Oh, and if he hadn't filled our 50-man roster with insane promotions of some kids out of school to the AHL, Jamie Langenbrunner was there for a song. A song.

And yet....