In the month of Festivus..

Well - I'm stuck at an airport for a while waiting to get back to Chicago so I thought I'd try out something new - A look at the upcoming month's games.  I'd like to make this a monthly feature so let me know if there are stats you'd like to add to this -This kid sitting next to me is making some very unfortunate noises and keeps elbowing me too so I'm very distracted.. let me know if I messed up anything.

At the very least - this might help you make a choice in the new poll.

The gist of the schedule is that the Hawks face a fair amount of tough opponents but have had played well against the teams they'll face for the second or third time this month.  More and more attention will be focused on the Hawks this month as the gear up to play New Years Day in the Winter Classic so hopefully they'll put on a good show...

For the month of December:

Home Games: 5

Road Games: 7

Teams with a record of .500 or better: 8

Central Division Games: 3

Teams the Hawks have faced already: 10

Record in those games: 7-2-1

Longest Road Trip: 3 games

Back-to-Back Games: 2

Average number of points of opponents: 26

Games where Mikita will be signing shit: 1 - Dec 26th against Philly

Games on TV: All of them - just a reminder that it's still pretty fucking sweet.

OK - Time to get on a plane.

Lets Go Hawks