In The Words Of Wiggum, This Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

From Josh Mora's Blog, some plausible scenarios for what may have happened in this supposed RFA snafu that might not actually be.

I have to say, when I first read about this and it dawned on me that it wouldn't be Tallon himself actually dealing with mailings and the like, the brief thought of sabotage did cross my mind, and it's a scenario that Mora suggests, though doesn't claim is what happened, to be clear.  I have to say, the more and more I hear and see what goes on above and certainly behind Tallon, I want to toss up my lunch.  The whole set-up doesn't pass the smell test, with your supposed "consultant" the father of the guy next in line for the job.  It's these kind of shenanigans, a panicky, insecure GM not thinking about the long-term, a front-office not all pulling in the same direction, are the kind of thing -- maybe the only thing -- that could derail a dominant Blackhawk era.

McD and Rocky had better clear this up in a damn hurry.  If Tallon isn't your guy, then have the balls to come out and fire him and stop with the charade.  If he is, extend his deal, and tell Ol' Scotty he can have his conversations with Mike Babcock on his own fucking personal time.  This way clearly is going to cause something to go terribly wrong.