Introducing the new members of the SCH staff

We’ve got a new trio!

It took a little longer than we wanted but we finally have a trio of new additions here at Second City Hockey. One of them will be someone very familiar to those of you who frequent SCH comment sections but we’re thrilled to have all three of them on board as we embark on the 2021 season of Blackhawks hockey:


So many of you will know me from my essays in the comment sections, but for those not familiar: hi, I’m Betsy aka LBR! I’m a simple girl who likes stats, playmakers, and an efficient checking line.

As for my hockey fandom journey, I’ve been a Hawks fan all my life thanks to my dad; he made sure I watched games even after we moved to the south when I was a teen. There was a brief time when I rooted for the Thrashers as well due to proximity and the godliness of Marian Hossa, but I think I can be forgiven for that transgression given the circumstances. My investment in hockey grew after I was able to personally witness Kane’s hat trick against the Canucks in the 2009 playoffs. That moment cemented my Hawks fandom outside of just family obligations. My biggest goal is to see the Hawks play in as many different arenas as possible - I’m at 14 so far. Oh, and I collect Funkos of hockey players like the nerd I am.

Even though it might be painful at times, I’m looking forward to the next chapter for the Hawks and I’m excited to be contributing to SCH as more than an overly verbose commenter during this time. And hopefully writing with a purpose will help with my rambling problem, but I’m not promising any miracles.

Mil Savich


Some of you may know me as the guy frequenting section 329 of the United Center, wearing a black Dave Bolland jersey and stuffing my face with kettle chips from Ironworks. For those of you who I’m meeting for the first time, My name is Mil Savich. I grew up enjoying hockey but I began regularly attending games during the 2005-06 post-lockout season. Yes, I am a weird product of the tail end of the Bill Wirtz era. I hold those early years of my fandom close to my heart. My love affair for those seasons is reflected throughout my jersey collection. While the Hawks are the team I support, I watch the entire league and I collect jerseys from all teams, past and present.

During the Blackhawks glory years, I managed a Clark Street Sports store, working many conventions, games, training camps and parades. That era was a hectic but exciting part of my life. While my love still rings true for the Nikolai Khabibulins and Martin Havlats of the world, it’s not uncommon to find me waxing poetic over the ice-tilting line of Marian Hossa, Jonathan Toews and Brandon Saad or my all-time favorite, Corey Crawford. Entering a new era of Blackhawks hockey, I’m excited to be a contributor here at Second City Hockey.

You can find me on twitter at @mil182 and on instagram at @milsavich. Expect plenty of Simpsons references (and I don’t mean Blackhawks Legend Kent Simpson). LGH

Jenelle Davis

Hi everyone, I’ve very excited to be joining the Second City Hockey team and share my lifelong love the of the game with all of you!

My dedication to the sport started the day I was born. I’m from Saskatoon, Canada, and we (still) do not have our own NHL team, so most people at that time gravitated to the Oilers, This included my Polish grandmother who was a staunch and very vocal supporter. I’m sure that TV still has a complex from all the verbal abuse it took. To say her enthusiasm wore off on me would be an understatement. Growing up back when Canadian teams still won cups, coupled with the Oilers legendary roster of Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Paul Coffey, Jari Kurri and Esa Tikkanen to name a few — not to mention also watching the Saskatoon Blades whose games, to my young mind, resembled watching Slapshot — solidified my fandom and my very (ahem) ‘uninhibited’ gametime commentary.

Since moving to Chicago in 2010, I am very proud to be a Hawks fan, and NO it’s not just cause they were winning cups! My enthusiasm was certainly doubled since this move came after four years of living in New Orleans where the mere mention of the word hockey was like uttering a curse and, as I’m sure you can imagine, impossible to convince any bar to play.

And yes, since I know you’re wondering, I am still an Oilers fan...

Look for me on Instagram at @oneplaceafteranother.