Isn't It A Little Early?

Normally, the Tribune waits until two rounds deep into the playoffs to have anyone other than Kuc or Rosenbloom try to form a thought on the Blackhawks, but, as many of you noticed during shots of the game on Sunday, David Haugh, normally of the NFL beat, was in McDonough's pressbox. Predictably, here is the multi-part bukkakke party in McDonough's honor.

After Two Years At Blackhawks Helm, John McDonough Still Looking Ahead

John McDonough's Path To Success

10 Steps In Transforming The Blackhawks
Hey David - You've never really been anything but a windsock in the football department, so why should anyone give a shit what you have to say about hockey, particularly in an obvious fluff piece such as this. Look, we know the Bears have a longer week this week, but there's no need to suck this guy off yet again. Just another example of how embarrassing sports writing as a whole is in this town- the third largest market in the country- and why print journalism is dying.

Correction- One facet of print journalism isn't dying, and that's the drunken dick-joke hockey paper facet. -Sam