It Begins: Thoughts After Exhibition Opener

With McClure at his 47th wedding of the summer, and Killion off....well, I'm not sure where he was but it was clearly more important than anything I had going on, it is left to me to sum up what I saw last night.  Obviously not going to get into a full game wrap, but there are a couple points to ponder:

-Obviously, Jack Skille was the story for the Hawks. He looks bigger than he has in the past, which is a good thing, as if he's going to make this team it will have to be on the 3rd or more likely 4th line, and he'll have to do his share of dirty work. He's always had a good shot on him, but his offensive game had all the subtlety of Ben Roethlisberger courting a hotel worker (timely, no?). His goal last night while pretty to watch, wasn't exactly proof anything has changed. The Caps gave him all sorts of room. Still, hope to see more from him.

-Seabrook looked a little sluggish last night, he got beat a couple times in areas I wouldn't expect him to.  Hopefully just working  out the kinks.

-It's wonderful that Tomas Kopecky is filling that gap that's been open since Michal Handzus left of "Guy On The Hawks Who Skates As If He Has A Dump In His Pants." Quicker than I remember though, could be a very useful player indeed.

That's all I have for now, I'll post the lineup for tonight's game when it becomes available.  Our first foray into the titanic Crawford/Niemi Donnybrook.  Who ya got?